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Water Closet aims provides a free delivery service to transactions where reasonably possible.


Conditions of this service include but are not limited to: distance, weight, total value of items and number of deliverers required. Where delivery is not available, there will be a charge for the service at Water Closet's discretion.


Delivery is sent out upon the completion of payment, however we will follow up before this time to make sure you are comfortable with the delivery process. Otherwise, we provide a pick-up service around the country at your local Plumbing World stores.


Delivery is expected to take 3-5 working days from receipt of payment. This is subject to availability. We will attempt to inform you immediately if you are eligible for delivery. Delivery is made possible through Plumbing World's door-to-door delivery service, but may employ third party freighting companies where necessary. Certain products like vanities make take up to 21 working days (3 working weeks) for delivery. Please consult with us if you have any queries about this. 


If you choose to cancel, change, or reorganise delivery you will be liable for any costs associated with doing so.


If in doubt about any of these conditions please check with us before completing the purchase process.

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